• Interlock device

    Why choose Smart Start?

    New Zealand owned and operated - local support for you!

    We are the only NZ owned and operated interlock provider.  We are here to help you every step of the way, including after hours. Call us on 0800 002 182, we look forward to talking.

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  • Drink driver prevention

    What is a Smart Start Interlock?

    A Smart Start Alcohol Ignition Interlock is a breathalyser that is wired into the ignition of your vehicle.

    The interlock requires you to pass a breath test before the vehicle will start. 

    The interlock device will collect and store all the data associated with each start,stop, breath test, distance driven etc.  

    Available as a court ordered or voluntary option, please enquire - we are here to help you!

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Service centres

Interlock Service Centres

Smart Start Interlocks has an extensive network of service centres throughout NZ which make the installation and maintenance of your alcohol interlock quick and easy.

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Approved technology

Approved Technology

Smart Start’s SSI-2020 alcohol interlock device is a globally recognised and Australian Standards certified unit for measuring a driver’s alcohol concentration.  Approved by NZTA for the NZ interlock programme.

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Advice and support

Friendly, Supportive Advice

We will gladly assist you in successfully completing the alcohol interlock programme and its requirements by providing you with helpful advice and support.    We're here to help you!

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