We are here to help you through the entire interlock programme. 

Guide to Getting Started Guide to Getting Started (2381 KB)

The interlock sentence is a 12 month sentence, with a requirement to meet the exit criteria of -

  • the last 6 months violation free 

  • the last 3 months violation free and you have completed an alcohol assessment - see approved providers.
If you fail to meet the violation free criteria you will need to stay on the programme until you have complied.

For more details on the programme see NZTA website.

To arrange an interlock install - call us on 0800 002 182, please have your licence details ready.

To exit the interlock programme -

  • Contact NZTA on 0800 822 422 or info@nzta.govt.nz to ask for permission to exit the interlock programme
  • NZTA will view your reports and advise you of their decision
  • If you are approved to exit, go to a licencing agency such as AA or VTNZ and apply for a zero alcohol licence
  • To arrange for removal of your interlock, email a copy of your licence to info@smartstartinterlocks.co.nz then call your local service centre for a removal.

Change of Circumstances

If your circumstances change after you have had your device installed and you now meet the financial eligibility criteria, you may be eligible to have the rest of your alcohol interlock costs subsidised. Go to www.nzta.govt.nz/AID-subsidy for more information.

Guide to the Subsidy Guide to the Subsidy (2288 KB)

Helpful Links

Interlock Programme information

The NZ Transport Agency has a comprehensive page detailing the requirements and stages of the programme.
Visit NZTA alcohol interlock page

Alcohol breathalysers

Sober Check sell both personal and workplace breathalysers for breath alcohol testing. Available to buy online.
View the personal breathalysers or workplace breathalysers

Drink Drive Lawyers

If you or a family member have been charged with drink-driving and need legal help, we can recommend lawyers to help you out, please call us on 0800 002 182.

Licensing Agents

You can get your interlock licence and your zero alcohol licence at AA or VTNZ.

Approved Alcohol Assessors

To exit the programme with only the last 3 months of your data violation free, you can complete an Alcohol Assessment, see list of approved providers.



SSI 20/20 User Instructions Manual SSI 20/20 User Instructions Manual (2871 KB)

In Hom User Instructions In Hom User Instructions (72 KB)

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