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SSI-2020 Model

The SSI - 2020 interlock unit is an Australian Standards certified device which is wired into your vehicle to prevent driving while intoxicated.


How It Works

The interlock device is installed into the ignition of a vehicle to measure the alcohol level of the driver. It will prevent the vehicle being started or operated if the alcohol concentration is over the preset limit. 

The SSI-2020 has built in anti-circumvention features which prevent the driver from trying to override the unit. The SSI-2020 will ask for rolling retests on a random time basis to ensure that the driver has not been drinking since the vehicle was first started.

The unit records the date and time, breath test results, etc in the interlock unit’s relay unit which is wired into the vehicle.

Each month the interlock will need to be serviced at your closest service centre.  The service downloads the previous month's data and checks the calibration of the interlock.

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  • Small convenient size
  • Numeric keypad allows easy recall of appointment time and date
  • Keypad allows entry of lockout code to temporarily extend service appointment after lockout
  • Australian Standards certified device
  • Built in microchip records all test results, engine starts, engine stops, breath test, disconnections and tampering for later review and reporting
  • Available as a court ordered or voluntary option

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For more info download this .pdf

SSI 20/20 User Instructions Manual SSI 20/20 User Instructions Manual (2871 KB)

in hom alcohol monitor

Smart Start IN-HOM Alcohol Monitoring System

The Smart Start In-Hom unit is an Australian Standards certified portable alcohol monitoring device. The In-Hom is a device equipped with a camera which takes a photo with each breath test. The In Hom unit uses an alcohol specific fuel cell  for superior accuracy.  The In-Hom is completely configurable to your testing requirements.

How It Works

The device is portable and simple to use. The customer picks it up at a local service center, takes it home, plugs it into a power point, and blows into the device when a test is requested.

Test times are programmable with up to 10 different test windows per day. Additionally, the In-Hom can also accept a test any time the user desires to take one.

The customer brings the device into the service center for data downloads.  The data collected is available as reports.

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  • Programmable testing times (up to 10 per day) which require tests at specific times of the day or can accept a test any time user desires
  • Simple to use, just plug it in and blow when requested by the device
  • Portable you can take it anywhere. All you need is an electrical outlet; no phone line required
  • Built-in microchip records all test results (including missed tests), disconnections, time and date of breath tests, and photos of the client
  • used for enforcement of court imposed abstinence orders
  • use in workplaces or institutions where it is important to have a photograph linked to test results
  • alternative to an interlock device for those who don't have access to a vehicle

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For more info download this .pdf

In Hom User Instructions In Hom User Instructions (72 KB)