Guide to the Alcohol Interlock Subsidy Scheme

Guide to the Subsidy Guide to the Subsidy (2288 KB)

After you've been issued with an alcohol interlock sentence, you'll be given a 28-day disqualification. When this disqualification has ended, you'll need to get an interlock installed in your vehicle. The NZ Transport Agency may grant you subsidy assistance for some interlock costs if your financial circumstances qualify you for a subsidy.

Who can get a subsidy?

You may be eligible for a subsidy if:

  • Your alcohol interlock sentence was issued from 1 July 2018 onwards, AND
  • You hold a Community Services Card, OR
  • You are in financial hardship

Contact Smart Start on 0800 002 182 and we'll walk you through the standard costs. We'll also help you find out if you're eligible for a subsidy.

What does the subsidy cover?

If you're granted subsidy assistance, you won't have to pay for:

  • the alcohol interlock licence
  • installation of the device in your vehicle
  • part of the monthly servicing fees ($50 subsidised a month)
  • the zero alcohol licence issued after you've exited the alcohol interlock programme
  • removal of the alcohol interlock device from your vehicle

The subsidy will only last for 15 months. If you haven't been given approval to exit the programme and had the device removed from your vehicle within 15 months of getting your alcohol interlock licence, you won't be eligible for any further subsidised fees.

If you miss more than one monthly service in a row, your subsidy may stop.

Call Smart Start on 0800 002 182 if you think you might not be able to get to your monthly services.

What isn't covered?

  • unscheduled services if the device goes into lockout due to violations.
  • unlock codes for lockouts due to violations
  • transfer of the device to another vehicle

Can I get a subsidy if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances change partway through your sentence and you now meet the financial criteria, you may be eligible to have the rest of your alcohol interlock costs subsidised.

What to provide to the NZTA

  • a witnessed Statutory Declaration in respect of application for alcohol interlock subsidy form (DL27), or
  • a clear certified copy of your Community Services Card

You can also provide proof of your AID subsidy eligibility by uploading it here.

Remember to include your full name, driver licence number and contact phone number. If Smart Start has provided you with your alcohol interlock device, tell the NZTA this too. If you're eligible for a subsidy, the NZTA will give you a reference number. Please provide this reference number to Smart Start so we can can update your alcohol interlock pricing plan.

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