Subsidy Scheme

NZ Transport Agency may grant you subsidy assistance if your financial circumstances qualify you for a subsidy.

You may be eligible for a subsidy if:

  • your alcohol interlock sentence was issued from 1 July 2018 onwards, AND

  • you meet the financial eligibility criteria.

To prove that you meet the eligibility criteria, you can either:

  • provide a signed and witnessed Statutory declaration in respect of application for alcohol interlock subsidy form (DL27) when you make your application for an alcohol interlock licence, or

  • if you choose, show your Community Services Card to the agent when you make your application.

For any further questions please call us on 0800 002 182.


Guide to the Subsidy Guide to the Subsidy (2288 KB)


For more information about proving your eligibility and the alcohol interlock process, read Factsheet 58: Alcohol interlocks, or go to

How It Works

If you receive your interlock sentence after 1st July 2018, and you prove that you meet the eligibility criteria at the time you apply for your alcohol interlock licence, you will qualify for a subsidy from the NZ Transport Agency.

You will have a disqualification for 28 days or more before you can apply for your alcohol interlock licence. Take your proof of eligibility with you when you get your licence.

The cost of your alcohol interlock licence will be covered - $200, although you will still have to pay for any test fees.

Make sure you keep your receipt, this is proof that you are eligible for a subsidy.

Call us once you have your licence and get set up in our system, this takes 5-10 minutes. We will require a copy of your licence receipt.

We then arrange an install for you at your closest service centre. If you have provided proof of subsidy to us (your alcohol interlock licence application receipt), then the installation is subsidised and will cost you nothing.

Your monthly service fee will also be subsidised $50 each month which means you will be paying $133 per month. This is payable in advance, each month.

You will get 15 months of monthly service fees subsidised, from the date of your licence issue date, after that the full monthly cost is yours.

Your removal will be fully funded if it is within 15 months of your licence issue date, if it is after that the full cost of $135 will be yours.

You will also have your zero alcohol licence funded if you successfully complete the programme within 15 months of your licence issue date.

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